Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My husband and I stalk mullets. Actually, we score points for mullet sightings (as well as fanny packs, but that's a different kettle of fish). And I scored the motherload with this sighting...it doesn't really count, because I didn't take the picture, but it's still one of the best fem-mullets I've seen in weeks.

Crane Gang

(did i mention that I also love the People of Walmart site?)

Monday, July 26, 2010

it's not trash!

I am a certified pack rat.  I should have an episode on "Hoarders" about me.  

Not kidding.

Not even a little.

My husband and I are in the process of trying to do the "big purge."  You know, where you go through the mass quantities of crap that you've accumulated since you moved out of your parent's home...me 10 years ago, him nearly 20.  In doing said "big purge," I have discovered a few things:

1.  I need an AA program for shoe addictions.
2.  I have more "gadgets" than one person should be allowed to have
3.  My husband needs an AA program for hunting/fishing gear
4.  Sometimes being a sentimental freak pays off.  Like finding the scrapbook I made in high school.
5.  I should not be allowed to go to yard sales.
6.  Books that sucked the first time around should be discarded because..you know..they still suck the second time around.
7.  We could run our own costume shop from the closet.  Wanna be Jack Sparrow?  The Good Witch?  a Pregnant Priest?  We've got you covered.
8.  Boas?  Yeah, they multiply.

Someone please come over with a bobcat/bulldozer/dump truck and HELP ME!!  I have an inability to be rational about getting rid of things like bundt pans (i have 3), cassette players (how else am i going to play the NKOTB tapes and the random mix tapes from middle school??), prom/anchor ball dresses (like I'm ever going to be a size 4 again), stilettos (who am i kidding?  I don't wear shoes that don't inspire comfort...hellloooooo, Dr. Scholl's...), vacuum cleaners (why do I have 4?), tupperware (i will never, ever, ever have this many leftovers), crockpots (i have 2), and assorted other items.  

Not to mention I keep losing the dogs.