Tuesday, June 29, 2010

stoopid night class and summer boredom

Who in the world dreamed up the concept of night classes?  While I understand that some people can't go to school during the day, and night classes work as part of their schedules, i have ZERO motivation to go to class at 6 pm.  I'm supposed to be at home in my old-lady recliner at 6 pm watching Jeopardy!

The good news?  By this time next year, I'll be d-o-n-e with nursing school and d-o-n-e with school, period.  At least for the time being.   

On the plus side, I have read more in the last 3 weeks than i have ever read.  Most recently, all of Pamie's books.  "Going in Circles" is a great, easy, true-to-life read.  Lurved it. And made me want to join roller derby even more.  But that has to wait until after nursing school, since apparently care plans are more important than giant hematomas from busting your ass.

Jimmy Buffett.  Next week.  Happy me.  Even if the reason he's playing here is a shitty-ass reason--the oil spill is depressing, to say the least.  Being the hardest hit county so far is definitely taking its emotional toll.