Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To my friends and family:

May your turkeys be southern cajun fried, may your sweet potato casseroles be sweet and be topped with many a marshmallow, may your uncles and husbands and dads and cousins fall asleep watching football, may your mashed potatoes have plenty of gravy, may your smiles be many and your worries be few. May the sun shine brightly on you and yours, and may you find peace and happiness in whatever way you may seek it. May you not receive any real fruitcakes this holiday season, but may you know that this fruitcake sends her love your way this Thanksgiving. May black Friday (for those of you crazy enough to brave it) bring you plenty of bargains and lots of great gifts. May those of us who share the post-Turkey-day insanity of decking the halls, may your lights be bright and your holly plentiful. May those of you traveling be blessed with as little stress as possible, and may you ride with the blessing of angels until you reach where you are going.

"There is plenty to think about, but nothing to worry about."

Give thanks this Thanksgiving and give a stranger a hug. You never know when you might change someone else's life. A heartfelt smile can have tremendous effects on a cold heart.

Shout joy, find peace.

Happy Turkey Day!

The Fruitcake

Thursday, November 9, 2006 much to say, so little time!

Congrats to everyone who seems to be finding their true love, 'specially my favorite Miami girl!